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jerry andriessen

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Jerry Andriessen

is a senior researcher, a learning scientist, involved in international research and development on computers and collaborative learning. He is a pioneer in developing and using technology in educational settings since the very beginnings of Internet. He started his career with studying the role of computers for supporting coherent idea generation and sentence production in writing, where the computer had the role of expert and didactician. He also studied the role of intelligent computer support for learning. During the nineties, he experimented extensively with the use of discussion forums in higher education.  He studied educational uses of argumentation, and collaborated in projects during which computer support for argumentation was developed.

Jerry became involved in large collaborative international projects, which all focused on new forms of learning. These projects gave him much satisfaction and possibilities to work with other experts in the field, but time to spend on these projects at university was limited. So he started his own company to be able to have more time for these and other projects.  His research shifted to understanding the ethical dimension of collaboration, through analysis of emotions, as well as the educational context. Lately, pioneering in governemental contexts, with understanding of professionals in computer supported collaboration (see routetopa.eu) is a new research area.

mirjam pardijs

Mirjam Pardijs

holds a master’s degree in Education Sciences, and specializes in educational design, collaborative learning and teacher training. After working in different contexts (educational publisher, vocational education, university etc.) she joined Jerry in this company to be able to work on projects more close to her heart and have more time for research as well.

Mirjam works on projects in education (all levels) and teacher training. She develops educational programs and workshops focused on collaboration and understanding each other (for instance by using narratives). In projects, her contribution lies in introducing new (complex) concepts to the table and analysing development and facilitating the (change) process.

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