What we do

What we do

  • We develop and research new ways of collaboration and collaborative learning
  • We design new technology or use existing technology to support collaboration and collaborative learning.
  • We are specialist in applying for and participating in international research and development projects, funded by the European Union (currently Horizon 2020)
  • We develop educational programs focused on creative collaboaration, knowledge sharing and argumentation. Development of agency in students is always the core element.
  • We develop trialogical learning scenarios for all levels of education, including professional learning of teachers.
  • We collect stories about (collaborative) learning, to gain more insight in development of attitudes towards learning
  • We work in educational, public and corporate sectors, because learning occurs everywhere

We can help you


apply, manage and/or participate in research project.


design educational scenario’s with or without technology


with our workshops, seminars and advice

What we are working on today