Stories to connect

Take parent participation to the next level by bridging the gap between home and school!

The goal of the project is to design an interactive website to collect stories on from parents, students and teachers. The stories are about activities, daily life, ideas, visions, backgrounds and connect life in school with life at home. Stories are not just text, they can be pictures, drawings, movies and more. This place of stories will be used in school, in the classroom.

Together with teachers, parents and other people from school, we design the website and the way it is used in school. This way we can connect to other initiatives to increase parent involvement.

This website makes the link between home (students, parents) and school (teachers) stronger. It can also connect other environments that are important (for instance: grandparents). The goal is to increase mutual understanding in the whole community and to see and discuss similarities and differences that are shown in the stories that are being told.

An example:

The theme in the classroom is food. On the website parents are being asked to (together with their children) tell stories on the dinnertime. What are they eating, how to cook it, what is on the table during dinnertime, traditions during the meal and where these traditions come from, who are at the table and about special occasions. These stories (in multiple forms) are used in the classroom in conversations with the kids and some assignments are made with them.

  • The stories provide depth, because traditions, and backgrounds are told and are part of the source (the story/parents).
  • The stories connect, because children get to know each other better and the link between home and school is made.
  • The stories are not just used in the classroom, they are also a way for a teacher to get to know and understand the parents and the home.
  • Parents are involved in a different way: they contribute to the learning process of their child.
  • Parents get to know each other better through these stories that are shared.


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