The goal of the DUNES project was to design, implement and test – in a large-scale experiment – an environment for collaborative learning (CL) through electronic discussion.

The DUNES project has developed (1) innovative “argumentative maps” for modeling and supporting discussion among participants; (2) didactical scenarios for CL, including CL of specific topics, competitive negotiation and debates, collaborative decision-making, etc.; (3) methods of intervention by the instructor/moderator or by intelligent agents; (4) methodologies for evaluating activities with DUNES and their contribution, like (a) Quantitative measures of informal reasoning; (b) Quant. methods for evaluating products of collective work; (c) Methods for describing interactions between participants and the mediating role of the tools; (d) Ethnographic approaches for describing global aspects of argumentative activities with DUNES; and (e) Assessment of the required characteristics and new role of the teacher in DUNES environments.

Role in the project

Team Leader