Our work


A project on collaborative writing in France we participated in.


DUNES goal was to design, implement and test – in a large-scale experiment – an environment for collaborative learning (CL) through electronic discussion.


The LEAD project focused on one specific type of “higher-level cognitive” learning activity, i.e. collaborative problem solving. The project worked on the design of a Discussion Support System [...]


The Lila-project worked on creating a “Library of Labs”, a unique access to virtual laboratories, remote experiments, transfer services, know-how transfer and opportunities for cooperation open [...]


The aim of the CARE project is to address issues related to the quality, inclusiveness, and individual, social, and economic benefits of early childhood education and care in Europe.


The TEMPEST project investigated to what extent the improvement of self-regulatory competence will allow children and adolescents to deal with unhealthy temptations in their environment.


In the Mondriaan Expertisecentrum Ondernemerschap (expert centre on entrepreneurship for vocational education) project activities were employed to make entrepreneurship part of education.


A project in middle vocational education in which teachers learned to use argumentation, i.e. arguing to learn in their education.


The objective of the Handover project was to optimize the continuum of clinical care at the primary care hospital interface by reducing unnecessary and avoidable treatment by identifying and [...]


Knowledge-practices Laboratory aimed at facilitating innovative practices of working with knowledge (“knowledge practices”) in education and workplaces from a knowledge-creation perspective